Some occasions call for communication of a unique nature, a singular expression of your thoughts. Poetic Justice provides original communication in verse and prose. Tell a story, pay tribute to loved ones, and touch people in a way unlike any other. I gather your thoughts, elicit your story, capture your sentiments, and then put them into words that you and your loved ones will treasure.


To honor those you love with a tribute fashioned in verse is an exceptional gift. A well-written ode to someone who matters to you in any way is something you will be proud to have given.


The next time you’re called to the podium, engage and delight your audience with the perfect speech, whether it’s a business presentation, a corporate or political event, a wedding toast, or a good-natured roast as the comedic centerpiece of an event.

Love Letters Workshop

Come to my Love Letters Workshop, and find out what a love letter really is! (Hint: It goes way beyond romance.) These half-day workshops, designed for small groups, teach you how to write a knock-out love letter.